1. It Is intimated for the information of all concerned that Contract Agreement concluded for construction of Civil Infrastructure Works of Sector C with M/s Arshad & Co on 06 February 2017 has been terminated on 06 November 2020 owing to the reason of non generation of desired pace of progress in spite of allocating four extensions. Consequently a Board of Officers has been constituted to finalize the contract agreement termination formalities and submit the board proceeding complete in totality by 20 November 2020.

2. Consequence to above it is felt imperative by the administration of DHA Bahawalpur to disseminate this information to all concerned with a sole concern to clear all liabilities (Financial/ Material/ equipment related) with M/s Arshad & Co under your interim arrangements. It is reaffirmed once again that neither DHA Bahawalpur is responsible for any sort of liability associated with M/s Arshad & Co in any capacity (directly/ indirectly) at present nor will be accounted for the same after finalization of board proceedings on 20 November 2020. However, the only intent of DHA Bahawalpur administration is to timely inform all concerned to resolve their persistent issue with M/s Arshad & Co, if any.