Bahawalpur being endowed with rich culture and traditions, deserves a lot of significance. Despite being one of the first state to join Pakistan, it has not been given adequate due attention with respect to its development. As Pakistan owes a lot to this loyalty, I as President Project Management Committee desire that DHA Bahawalpur must serve as a value addition project for this great part of Pakistan. Significance of this project further increases manifolds as it has been conceived at the juncture of The Punjab, Sind and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan.

Its vision is to provide state of the art facilities, unique business space with all comforts, amenities and timeless elegance. DHA Bahawalpur is making concerted efforts to keep up the pace of planning and development. We carry a proud privilege of growing and expanding at a phenomenal pace, manifested in the form of Handing Over of 6, 9 and 12 Marla Villas, Possession of A and B Sectors, construction of houses by the respective customers, Earth Breaking of CMH Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS), Commissioning of Roots IV School, Ground Breaking of Nawab Sadiq International University, Central Park, Dancing Fountains, Food Park, Banquet Hall, Offices Complex and units of Army Officers’ Housing Scheme

Our duty of providing this vision of eternal elegance is persistent with the help of our broadminded, sincere and creative team. We hope to provide the honourable citizens of Bahawalpur with all the exceptional facilities that they deserve.


President Project Management Committee